A few words About Sponsorship

As you prayerfully consider sponsoring an individual for an Emmaus Walk. please keep in mind and practice the following:
  1. First and foremost, the main reason for attending an Emmaus Walk is to develop and strengthen the individual's leadership in the local church.  It is not an evangelistic tool to bring persons into a personal relationship with Christ.  It is intended for those persons who are already Christians, those who believe in the basic tenets of the Christian faith.
  2. Help the person understand the positive, dynamic impact the Emmaus movement is making on the Christian church all over the world.  Lives are being changed and God is moving in the hearts of people through the power of the Holy Spirit and The Walk to Emmaus is only on vehicle God is using in a dynamic way. If you expect to interest others, they must see revitalization in your life and in your response to God's call to discipleship.

In summary, here are the important points related to contacting individuals:

  • Pray about whom to sponsor
  • Wait for God's leading
  • Be sure you are contacting Christians who belong to a church
  • Use a personal setting to speak with people (your home or their home)
  • Affirm the person's walk with the Lord
  • Be open in your discussions.
  • Testify to the changes in your life following your Walk experience
  • Use simple terms and avoid Emmaus jargon
  • Share that Emmaus is NOT a secret society
  • Share the Emmaus does not take the place of your church
  • Continually seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit


What's Happening at NCEC??

Team meetings are starting for the upcoming walks. 

Do you have a friend that would like to attend a walk.  Visit our forms page for an application.

Men's Walk 50 - April 26 - 29
Crystal Springs, Tennessee
Lay Director Bruce Box

Lady's Walk 51 - May 3-6
Crystal Springs, Tennessee
Lay Director Scarlet Greer/p>

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72 Hour Prayers Vigils

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Men's Walk 50

Lady's Walk 51

Chrysalis Flight 28 June 7-9
Good Shepherd UMC
Lay Director Mel Tubb

If you have a young lady between the age of 15 and 21 think about being a sponsor.

Chrysalis Applications>>